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Restrict a user to FTP to a particular folder

You can restrict a certain user account to only access a single folder. This is handled by file /etc/ftpaccess.ctl. There's a manual page available within AIX on file ftpaccess.ctl:

# man ftpaccess.ctl
In general, file /etc/ftpusers controls which accounts are allowed to FTP to a server. So, if this file exists, you will have to add the account to this file.

Here's an example of what you would set in the ftpaccess.ctl if you wanted user ftp to have login to /home/ftp. The user will be able to change directory forward, but not outside this directory. Also, when user ftp logs in and runs pwd it will show only "/" and not "/home/ftp".
# cat /etc/ftpaccess.ctl
useronly: ftp
If the user is required to write files to the server with specific access, for example, read and write access for user, group and others, then this can be accomplished by the user itself by running the FTP command:
ftp> site umask 111
200 UMASK set to 111 (was 027)
ftp> site umask
200 Current UMASK is 111
To further restrict the FTP account to a server, especially for accounts that are only used for FTP purposes, make sure to disable login and remote login for the account via smitty user.

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