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  • Download updates
    Updates of UNIX Health Check software are available to licensed users only.

    Please use the links below to download UNIX Health Check. You can also
    automate the download to your AIX or Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems directly.

  • Download the latest version of UNIX Health Check
  • Automate the download of UNIX Health Check

  • Recent updates
    Use the links below to view information about the most recent updates to UNIX Heatlh Check software:

    Getting support
    Support options for UNIX Health Check:

    Send us an email at support@unixhealthcheck.com.

    Or contact us through our website:

  • Contact Us

    When contacting us for support, please include the following information:
  • Your contact information.
  • A description of the issue you've encountered.
  • The report file generated by UNIX Health Check that includes the issue.
  • Or the section of the report where the issue is encountered.

  • Information about exchanging diagnostic data with UNIX Health Check:

  • Exchanging diagnostic data