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Missing disk method in HACMP configuration

Issue when trying to bring up a resource group: For example, the hacmp.out log file contains the following:

cl_disk_available[187] cl_fscsilunreset fscsi0 hdiskpower1 false cl_fscsilunreset[124]: openx(/dev/hdiskpower1, O_RDWR, 0, SC_NO_RESERVE): Device busy cl_fscsilunreset[400]: ioctl SCIOLSTART id=0X11000 lun=0X1000000000000 : Invalid argument
To resolve this, you will have to make sure that the SCSI reset disk method is configured in HACMP. For example, when using EMC storage:

Make sure emcpowerreset is present in /usr/lpp/EMC/Symmetrix/bin/emcpowerreset.

Then add new custom disk method:
  • Enter into the SMIT fastpath for HACMP "smitty hacmp".
  • Select Extended Configuration.
  • Select Extended Resource Configuration.
  • Select HACMP Extended Resources Configuration.
  • Select Configure Custom Disk Methods.
  • Select Add Custom Disk Methods.
      Change/Show Custom Disk Methods

Type or select values in entry fields.
Press Enter AFTER making all desired changes.

                                                 [Entry Fields]
* Disk Type (PdDvLn field from CuDv)             disk/pseudo/power
* New Disk Type                                  [disk/pseudo/power]
* Method to identify ghost disks                 [SCSI3]
* Method to determine if a reserve is held       [SCSI_TUR]
* Method to break reserve [/usr/lpp/EMC/Symmetrix/bin/emcpowerreset]
  Break reserves in parallel                     true
* Method to make the disk available              [MKDEV]

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