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About UNIX Health Check software

UNIX Health Check for AIX and UNIX Health Check for Red Hat Enterprise Linux are unique software products developed by UNIX Health Check.

It all started in 2004, when a group of Linux and UNIX enthusiasts from around the world, came together to develop a method to continuously improve Linux and UNIX systems. Many organizations and many administrators face the same kinds of issues with their systems on a daily basis, which usually can be avoided by following best practices. But that's not always easy, because there are so many best practices, so many systems to manage, many different Linux and UNIX distributions and versions, and there are many ways to configure a Linux and UNIX system. On top of that, UNIX vendors frequently release updates, and incorporate many new features regularly, resulting in more complex environments, and even more ways to configure a system.

UNIX Health Check started off as a best practice document and checklist, which resulted in more stable UNIX systems, but still meant a lot of cumbersome work for administrators. Developing software to automatically run through the check list, was the only logical next step. Nowadays, UNIX Health Check software scans systems in as little as a couple of minutes, running hundreds and hundreds of checks, often even thousands.

About our organization and our clients

We're a fully virtual organization. We don't have offices, but instead we hire certified specialists in around the world, who deal with many different customers, and have expert knowledge of Linux and UNIX environments. This allows us to work at low cost, which returns in reasonable pricing towards our customers. It also allows us to see a wide variety of systems and configurations, share knowledge between our associates and learn what best practices for should be.

We have clients across the globe, with most of our clients in North America, Europe and Australia. Some of our clients are GAP, Trinity Health, Dell, Atos Origin, Delhaize, Meridian, Sonic Healthcare, Linde, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Bull SAS (Atos), Stockholm City Council, CHC, Carters and many others.

Customer locations of Unix Health Check
UNIX Health Check customer locations

About our partnerships

We utilize our partnerships to provide the best possible software solutions for our customers: About our people

We're a small team of close to 30 people. Our organization is run by three managing partners, with the help of support desk personnel, technical developers, many system administrators, consultants and specialists, and our friendly sales and financial team members. Together we're determined and focused to deliver the best possible health check and system scan software for Linux and UNIX. Why not get to know us better by contacting us? You can reach us through our contact form or by sending us an email at hello@unixhealthcheck.com.