Topics: Monitoring, PowerHA / HACMP

HACMP auto-verification

HACMP automatically runs a verification every night, usually around mid-night. With a very simple command you can check the status of this verification run:

# tail -10 /var/hacmp/log/clutils.log 2>/dev/null|grep detected|tail -1
If this shows a returncode of 0, the cluster verification ran without any errors. Anything else, you'll have to investigate. You can use this command on all your HACMP clusters, allowing you to verify your HACMP cluster status every day.

With the following smitty menu you can change the time when the auto-verification runs and if it should produce debug output or not:
# smitty clautover.dialog
You can check with:
# odmget HACMPcluster
# odmget HACMPtimersvc
Be aware that if you change the runtime of the auto-verification that you have to synchronize the cluster afterwards to update the other nodes in the cluster.

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