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Report the end result of a TSM backup

A very easy way of getting a report from a backup is by using the POSTSchedulecmd entry in the dsm.sys file. Add the following entry to your dsm.sys file (which is usually located in /usr/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin or /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin):

POSTSchedulecmd "/usr/local/bin/RunTsmReport"
This entry tells the TSM client to run script /usr/local/bin/RunTSMReport, as soon as it has completed its scheduled command. Now all you need is a script that creates a report from the dsmsched.log file, the file that is written to by the TSM scheduler:
echo "TSM Report from `hostname`" >> ${WRKDIR}/tsmc
tail -100 ${TSMLOG} > ${WRKDIR}/tsma
grep -n "Elapsed processing time:" ${WRKDIR}/tsma > ${WRKDIR}/tsmb
CT2=`cat ${WRKDIR}/tsmb | awk -F":" '{print $1}'`
((CT3 = $CT2 - 14))
((CT5 = $CT2 + 1 ))
while read Line1 ; do
   if [ ${CT3} -gt ${CT4} ] ; then
      ((CT4 = ${CT4} + 1 ))
      echo "${Line1}" >> ${WRKDIR}/tsmc
      ((CT4 = ${CT4} + 1 ))
      if [ ${CT4} -gt ${CT5} ] ; then
done < ${WRKDIR}/tsma
mail -s "`hostname` Backup" < ${WRKDIR}/tsmc
rm ${WRKDIR}/tsma ${WRKDIR}/tsmb ${WRKDIR}/tsmc

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