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Unable to open file: ioscli.log for append

After installing VIO version SP-02, with some commands the following error will show up:

padmin $ netstat -num -state
Name  Mtu   Network    Address          Ipkts Ierrs Opkts Oerrs  Coll
en5   1500  link#2     5c.f3.fc.6.61.c1 10495     0  1855     0     0
en5   1500  10.188.107    10495     0  1855     0     0
lo0   16896 link#1                        458     0   458     0     0
lo0   16896 127          458     0   458     0     0
lo0   16896 ::1%1                         458     0   458     0     0
Unable to open file: ioscli.log for append
The solution is simple: correct the permissions on the /home/padmin folder:
padmin $ oem_setup_env
# chmod 755 /home/padmin
# chown padmin:staff /home/padmin
# exit

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