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Here is how to retrieve client and group information from EMC Networker using nsradmin:

First, start nsradmin as user root:

# /bin/nsradmin -s networkerserver
(Note: replace "networkerserver" for the actual host name of your EMC Networker Server).

To select information of a specific client, for example "testserver", type:
nsradmin> print type: nsr client; name: testserver
You can furthur limit the attributes that you're seeing, by using the show sub-command. For example if you only wish to see the save set and the group, type:
nsradmin> show save set
nsradmin> show group
nsradmin> show name
nsradmin> print type: nsr client; name: testserver
             group: aixprod;
          save set: /, /usr, /var, /tmp, /home, /opt, /roothome;
If you wish to retrieve information regarding a group, type:
nsradmin> show
Will show all attributes
nsradmin> print type: nsr group; name: aixprod
If you like to get more information about the types you can print information of, type:
nsradmin> types

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