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How to unconfigure items after mksysb recovery using NIM

There will be a situation where you want to test a mksysb recovery to a different host. The major issue with this is, that you bring up a server within the same network, that is a copy of an actual server that's already in your network. To avoid running into 2 exactly the same servers in your network, here's how you do this:

First make sure that you have a separate IP address available for the server to be recovered, for configuration on your test server. You definitely don't want to bring up a second server in your network with the same IP configuration.

Make sure you have a mksysb created of the server that you wish to recover onto another server. Then, create a simple script that disables all the items that you don't want to have running after the mksysb recovery, for example:

# cat /export/nim/cust_scripts/custom.ksh

# Save a copy of /etc/inittab
cp /etc/inittab /etc/

# Remove unwanted entries from the inittab
rmitab hacmp 2>/dev/null
rmitab tsmsched 2>/dev/null
rmitab tsm 2>/dev/null
rmitab clinit 2>/dev/null
rmitab pst_clinit 2>/dev/null
rmitab qdaemon 2>/dev/null
rmitab sddsrv 2>/dev/null
rmitab nimclient 2>/dev/null
rmitab nimsh 2>/dev/null
rmitab naviagent 2>/dev/null

# Get rid of the crontabs
mkdir -p /var/spool/cron/
mv /var/spool/cron/crontabs/* /var/spool/cron/

# Disable start scripts
chmod 000 /etc/rc.d/rc2.d/S01app

# copy inetd.conf
cp /etc/inetd.conf /etc/
# take out unwanted items
cat /etc/ | grep -v bgssd > /etc/inetd.conf

# remove the hacmp cluster configuration
if [ -x /usr/es/sbin/cluster/utilities/clrmclstr ] ; then

# clear the error report
errclear 0

# clean out mail queue
rm /var/spool/mqueue/*
The next thing you need to do, is to configure this script as a 'script resource' in NIM. Run:
# smitty nim_mkres
Select 'script' and complete the form afterwards. For example, if you called it 'UnConfig_Script':
# lsnim -l UnConfig_Script
   class       = resources
   type        = script
   comments    = 
   Rstate      = ready for use
   prev_state  = unavailable for use
   location    = /export/nim/cust_scripts/custom.ksh
   alloc_count = 0
   server      = master
Then, when you are ready to perform the actual mksysb recovery using "smitty nim_bosinst", you can add this script resource on the following line:
Customization SCRIPT to run after installation [UnConfig_Script]

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