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Burning AIX ISO files on CD

If you wish to put AIX files on a CD, you *COULD* use Windows. But, Windows files have certain restrictions on file length and permissions. Also, Windows can't handle files that begin with a dot, like ".toc", which is a very important file if you wish to burn installable filesets on a CD.

How do you solve this problem?

  • Put all files you wish to store on a CD in a separate directory, like: /tmp/cd
  • Create an ISO file of this directory. You'll need mkisofs to accomplish this. This is part of the AIX Toolbox for Linux. You can find it in /opt/freeware/bin.
    # mkisofs -o /path/to/file.iso -r /tmp/cd
  • This will create a file called file.iso. Make sure you have enough storage space.
  • Transfer this file to a PC with a CD-writer in it.
  • Burn this ISO file to CD using Easy CD Creator or Nero.
  • The CD will be usable in any AIX CD-ROM drive.

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