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Remote file system copy

How to copy a filesystem from one server to another:

Make sure you can execute a remote shell on the target host (by adding an entry of the source host in the /.rhosts file). Login to the source system as root and enter:

# (cd LOCAL_MOUNTPOINT && tar cpvBf - . ) | rsh REMOTEHOST 'cd REMOTE_MOUNTPOINT && tar xpvBf -'
For ssh, use the following command:
# tar -cf - myfiles | ssh user@host "umask 000 ; cat | tar -xpf -"
You might also have run into the problem that, when FTP'ing CD software on a Windows PC to a remote AIX system, files with lowercase names suddenly change to uppercase file names. This is how to copy the complete contents of a CD on a Red Hat Linux system to a remote AIX system as a tar file:
  • Login as root on the Linux system.
  • Mount the CD-ROM:
    # mount /mnt/cdrom
    # cd /mnt/cdrom
  • Tar the contents:
    # tar -cvf - . | ssh userid@hostname "cd /path/to/where/you/want/it/on/the/target/system ; cat > filename.tar"
  • Unmount the CD-ROM:
    # cd /
    # umount /mnt/cdrom
Important note: make sure you can write with your user-ID in the target folder on the target system. Otherwise your tar file might end up in the home directory of the user-ID used.

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