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/dev/ipldevice gone?

Sometimes, when you create an mksysb, you receive an error like this one:

/dev/ipldevice not found
Device /dev/ipldevice is a hard link to the disk your system booted from. Mksysb tries to determine the size of the boot logical volume with the bosboot -qad /dev/ipldevice command. Via lslv -m hd5 you can see from which disk was booted (or via bootlist -m normal -o).

To resolve this problem: re-create the hard link yourself:
# ln /dev/bootdevice /dev/ipldevice
For example:
ln /dev/rhdisk0 /dev/ipldevice
Note: Use "rhdisk" and not "hdisk".

Another way to solve this problem: reboot your system and the /dev/ipldevice will be created automatically for you (Your users may prefer the first solution...).

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