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Doing a mksysb restore through NIM

A "how-to" restore a mksysb through NIM:

  • Create a mksysb resource in NIM: Logon to the NIM server as user root. Run smitty nim, Perform NIM Administration Tasks, Manage resources, Define a resource, select mksysb, type name mksysb_, enter "master" as Server of Resource, enter the full path to the mksysb file at Location of Resource: e.g. /backup/hostname.image.
  • Add the mksysb resource to the defined machine in NIM, together with the original SPOT and LPP source of the host: Run: smitty nim, Perform NIM Administration Tasks, Manage Machines, Manage Network Install Resource Allocation, Allocate Network Install Resources, select the machine, select the mksysb resource defined in the previous step, along with the correct SPOT and LPP_SOURCE of the oslevel of the system.
  • Do a perform operation on the machine in NIM and set it to mksysb: Run smitty nim, Perform NIM Administration Tasks, Manage Machines, Perform Operations on Machines, select the machine, select bos_inst, set the Source for BOS Runtime Files to mksysb, set Remain NIM client after install to no, set Initiate Boot Operation on Client to no, set Accept new license agreements to yes.
  • Start up the system in SMS mode and boot from the NIM server, using a virtual terminal on the HMC. Select the disks to install to. Make sure that you set import user volume groups to "yes". Restore the system.
By the way, another method to initiate a mksysb restore is by using:
# smitty nim_bosinst

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