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Red Hat Customer Portal

Access Red Hat Customer Portal at

  • Access everything provided with subscription in one location:
    • Search knowledge-base for solutions, FAQs, and articles.
    • Access official product documentation.
    • Submit and manage support tickets.
    • Attach and detach product subscriptions.
    • Download software, updates, and evaluations.
  • Parts of site accessible to everyone.
    • Other parts are exclusive to customers with active subscriptions.
  • Get help with Customer Portal at
Note: The Red Hat Customer Portal can be accessed via command line tool:
# redhat-support-tool
Welcome to the Red Hat Support Tool.
Command (? for help):
You can access it from any terminal or SSH connection, and you can use it as interactive shell (which is default) or execute individual commands with options and arguments. The syntax is identical for both methods. To see all available commands, use "help".

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