Topics: Installation, NIM

How to set up a NIM master

In this section, we will configure the NIM master and create some basic installation resources:

  • Ensure that Volume 1 of the AIX DVD is in the drive.
  • Install the NIM master fileset:
    # installp -agXd /dev/cd0 bos.sysmgt.nim
  • Configure NIM master:
    # smitty nim_config_env
    Set fields as follows:
    • "Primary Network Interface for the NIM Master": selected interface
    • "Input device for installation images": "cd0"
    • If you already have set up an /export file system, you may choose not to create new file systems for /export/lpp_source and /export/spot; It is up to you.
    • Select to prepend the level to the LPP_SOURCE and SPOT names, so you can identify the level of AIX that was used to create the LPP_SOURCE and SPOT.
    • "Remove all newly added NIM definitions if the operation fails": "yes"
    • Press Enter.
    • Exit when complete.
    If you run into an issue here, where it says that the SPOT cannot be created, because the LPP_SOURCE is missing the simages (short for system images) attribute, because fileset bos.vendor.profile is missing, then this means it is telling you that the LPP_SOURCE doesn't include all the required filesets to create the SPOT. This looks like a bug because fileset bos.vendor.profile can be found on the AIX media. But it seems somehow it is not copied to the target LPP_SOURCE folder while the LPP_SOURCE is created. It has been seen in AIX 7.1 TL4. If you run into this, do the following:
    • Check if bos.vendor.profile exists on the installation media. It should be in the installp/ppc folder.
    • If so, rerun the steps above (starting with smitty nim_config_env), and while the LPP_SOURCE is being created, copy the bos.vendor.profile file yourself from the AIX installation media to the LPP_SOURCE target folder. For example, if your installation folder is /aix (assuming you have mounted the first AIX installation ISO image using loopmount on mount point /aix; and assuming you are using AIX 7.1 TL4), then run:
      # cp /aix/installp/ppc/bos.vendor.profile /export/lpp_source/710-04lpp_source1/installp/ppc/bos.vendor.profile
  • Initialize each NIM client:
    # smitty nim_mkmac
    Enter the host name of the appropriate LPAR. Set fields as follows:
    • "Kernel to use for Network Boot": "mp"
    • "Cable Type": "tp"
    • Press Enter.
    • Exit when complete.
A more extensive document about setting up NIM can be found here:

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