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Non-pingable devices

If a device like a printer box, jet-direct card or a Xerox Document Centre does not ping anymore from the HPOS server, it will result in connection timed out errors within HPOS. If this device however does ping from another location within your netwerk, you have a network issue, and its very likely that your network switch simply needs to learn the IP address and/or MAC address of the device. You can do this by sending a packet from the device to the HPOS server. But how do you get this device to send a packet itself, because a ping is not available?

For an Axis Box, go to the Network Settings (which is available from the Admin window). Now fill in the IP address of your HPOS server as the Primary DNS server and click on Ok. Ofcourse DNS resolving will fail (if your HPOS server isn't a DNS server), but quite immediately after clicking Ok, you will notice that the Axis Box will ping again from the HPOS server. If it pings again, change the primary DNS server in your Axis Box back to its original value.

The same can be done with other devices, like the Xerox Document Centre. Go to the TCP/IP properties (usually under Properties -> Connectivity -> Protocols). Set the IP Address Resolution to STATIC (if you're using DHCP) and update the primary DNS server to the IP address of the HPOS server. Then click on Reboot on the Status window, and you'll notice that it will ping again to the HPOS server. Again, change everything back to their original values, if the Document Centre pings.

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