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Core dump AIM

If your AIM daemon dumps core frequently and you have a lot of destinations in HP Output Server, it may well be that the default stack size for the AIM daemon is too small. Default, this is 64 KB. You can confirm this, by checking the errpt on AIX only: If the errpt shows an error about Too many stack elements, then you should adjust the stack size of the AIM daemon. This may be encountered when searching for destinations on location within the Envoy Delivery Agent.

To solve this: Go to $DAZEL_HOME/etc and edit HostConfig.sgml. Search for aim in this file and scroll down to server-executable-options. Add the following line:

This will increase the stack size to 4 MB. You can increase it up to 8 MB if you like. Now restart the AIM daemon and your problems should be gone.

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