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Number of jobs per logical destination

The following is a simple script to show you the number of jobs currently active within a given JQM per logical destination. The script is called nq:

. /appl/dazel/etc/
if [ -z "$jqm" ] ; then
   echo Please enter the name of a jqm.
pdls -c j -a destination $jqm: | grep destination | sort | awk '{print $3}' > /tmp/nq.$$
cat /tmp/nq.$$ | sort -dfu | while read printer ; do    echo $printer: `grep $printer /tmp/nq.$$ | wc -l | awk '{print $1}'` jobs
You'll have to modify this script to set the correct directory to

When you run this script, enter the name of a JQM as a parameter for this script:
# nq jqm_01
pr31249: 1 jobs
pr43461: 8 jobs
pr58153: 11 jobs
pr77996: 1 jobs
pr03226: 5 jobs

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