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LPG daemon stops frequently

The LPG daemon at default is able to process 11 jobs at a time. Under heavy load, the LPG daemon might stop because of this limitation. To avoid this, you can use the -R option for the LPR Gateway, so that it will allow an unlimited number of jobs coming in.

This is how to add the -R option:

  • Login as user root.
  • Stop your line printer gateway:
    # stop_server lpg
  • Goto your HPOS installation directory. Then switch to the etc subdirectory.
  • Backup your current HostConfig.sgml file (just in case!):
    # cp HostConfig.sgml HostConfig.sgml.original
  • Edit the HostConfig.sgml file, and add the -R option under the -server-executable-options under your DAZEL-SERVER NAME="lpg", just like this:
    <DAZEL-AVPAIR NAME="server-executable-options">
    <DAZEL-VALUE STRING-VALUE="-n !{server-name}!">
    <DAZEL-VALUE STRING-VALUE="-l !{server-login-name}!">
  • Now start your line printer gateway again:
    # start_server lpg
  • Check your LPG server to see if the -R option is enabled:
    # list_server lpg

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