Topics: AIX, Backup & restore, NIM, System Admin

Using the image_data resource to restore a mksysb without preserving mirrors using NIM

Specify using the 'image_data' resource when running the 'bosinst' command from the NIM master:

From command line on the NIM master:

# nim -o bos_inst -a source=mksysb -a lpp_source=[lpp_source] -a spot=[SPOT] -a mksysb=[mksysb] -a image_data=mksysb_image_data -a accept_licenses=yes server1
Using smit on the NIM master:
# smit nim_bosinst
Select the client to install. Select 'mksysb' as the type of install. Select a SPOT at the same level as the mksysb you are installing. Select an lpp_source at the same level than the mksysb you are installing.

NOTE: It is recommended to use an lpp_source at the same AIX Technology Level, but if using an lpp_source at a higher level than the mksysb, the system will be updated to the level of the lpp_source during installation. This will only update Technology Levels.

If you're using an AIX 5300-08 mksysb, you cannot use an AIX 6.1 lpp_source. This will not migrate the version of AIX you are running to a higher version. If you're using an AIX 5300-08 mksysb and allocate a 5300-09 lpp_source, this will update your target system to 5300-09.
         Install the Base Operating System on Standalone Clients

Type or select values in entry fields.
Press Enter AFTER making all desired changes.

[TOP]                                         [Entry Fields]
* Installation Target                       server1
* Installation TYPE                         mksysb
* SPOT                                      SPOTaix53tl09sp3
  LPP_SOURCE                               [LPPaix53tl09sp3]
  MKSYSB                                    server1_mksysb

  BOSINST_DATA to use during installation  []
  IMAGE_DATA to use during installation    [server1_image_date]