UNIX Health Check Keep your Linux and UNIX systems performing optimally

UNIX Health Check scans systems for issues. It's an automated check list. Run it and receive a full report in minutes. Available for AIX, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Oracle Linux and Scientific Linux. Reports generated in text, HTML, CSV and XML formats and can be sent via email. UNIX Health Check is designed to help you pro-actively detect configuration abnormalities and other system issues. Learn more


Supported: AIX 5.1 through 7.2, VIOS and WPARs. Supports PowerHA. Hardware: POWER4 through POWER9.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Includes CentOS, Oracle Linux and Scientific Linux, versions 5 through 7.

Demo versions Demo versions include the first 50 checks of the full version of UNIX Health Check.
Key benefits
  • Improve system uptime, stability, performance, capacity and assists with automating configurations.
  • Increases system uptime and reduces costs. Learn more